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When All Else Fails


When all else fails work, music, and coffee calms me. Together. 

Lately things seem to be going wrong. One thing after the other. I take one thing at a time and solve each one as I go, but it's been hard.

Like I said when all else fail work, music, coffee.. and may be add working out, reading, and friends.

The Day To Day

Just thinking today about all the things I do and people do from day to day. The going through the to do list and seeing what needs to be done without though about the larger picture. Trying to develop my larger picture.

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Current Diet And Supplements

Just wanted to give you update on what I've been doing for diet to help with anxiety and what supplements I've been taking. What works for me, thus far on this never ending journey to feeling better. Morning:2 eggs - foodCoffee - 2 cupsVitamin B - supplementsMulti Vitamin - - supplementsTumeric - supplementsGinseng - supplementsVitamin D (In winter) - supplementsAfternoonSmall [...]

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Following Your Heart

My current situation involves blind trust in following my heart. I have no idea if things will work out or even all my motivations. I'm simply moving past fear and following my heart.

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Good With Than Bad

Lately I've had some experiences that could be described as both good and bad. Even when we move forward in a positive direction there's not so good things that come up. I've only had a few experiences in life that could be described as 100% perfect, usually, sadly, there is always a tinge of the [...]

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Life Should Be About The Journey

I was thinking today about the things I want in life that I may or may not become or get. Just the fact alone that there are things that excite me this much is half the battle. It's not in the getting that makes life worth living it's the going after. Never underestimate the journey. 

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Thoughts On Highs And Lows

It's amazing how fast I go from feeling OK to feeling alone. Work today, was productive, went to yoga class, but I come home feeling down. It always amazes me how good I feel sometimes, then just a day or two later it becomes the opposite. Wish I had someone special in my life, I [...]

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Day #3 Landmark Forum Final Thoughts

So Landmark came to an end today expect for the graduation on Tuesday which I don't plan on going to. Already been to three of my friend's graduations anyway. I couldn't take it today I walked out at the first break. We spent the first three hours from 9 - 12 Noon on how to [...]

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Day #2 Landmark Forum Feeling Negative

So day two of the Landmark Forum has completed. If I could sum up day two I'd say it's phone calls with people in your life you have or had issues with and sharing those stories. Everyone was asked to call someone last night, if they didn't do that last night the group was asked to [...]

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Change Your Story Day #1

If I had to describe day one of the Landmark Forum I'd say it's a lot of people sharing intense, sad events from the past and instructor saying one should change the story about those events. Basically if I say I ate chocolate cake daily for a year and become fat because I'm lazy and [...]

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