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How I Stay Sane During Coronavirus Quarantine


With businesses closed, social distancing, you're not left with much to do other than walking and talking with your friends and family on the phone or visiting social media. These are some of my tips on how I'm staying sane during the Coronavirus Quarantine. 


- Keep your routine

This includes waking up at normal time, making a healthly breakfast, and making coffee.

Conitnuing work from home.

Working out daily. This includes at minimum a daily walk in a secluded part of town (Makes avoiding contact easier). Especially walking a lot around water or with views of water.

Watching group workouts on YouTube. Also, going to be attending a live stream event that my local yoga stuidio is putting on. 

Continue Socializing:

- Making it a point to text, call, contact as many people as I can during this time. Some just to check on, others to see if they want to hang out and take a walk with social distancing.


- Making it a huge priority to educate myself during this time. I went to a live stream conference the other day, downloaded a new business audio book, and plan to finish an online course that I purchased last year.

Do What You CAN Do:

- During this time figure out what you can do and do that. This might be starting a garden, cleaning up your house, painting, starting a business, signing up for a food box subscription service, meditation, make new recipes, order take out from Uber Eats, start a blog, journaling, etc. Figure out what you can do that and do that more and better.

Just some thoughts... let me know what you think! Give me some suggestions in the comments.

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