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When Things Are Not Going Your Way And You're Under Tons Of Stress


What do you do when things aren't going your way and you're under tons of stress? Here's my action plan.

- First determine what it bothering you? Get out pen and paper and write down each problem.

- Next, determine action steps to help solve each problem. I think action can be hard because sometimes the solution is more difficult than the problem. The key is to either take action on your problems or practice complete acceptance. 

Most important whatever you are feeling no matter how stressful is to feel it and flow with it. Do not tell yourself you can't feel something, accept the negative emotions as well as the positive.

- Create a plan, map out dates on a calendar. When are you going to use those action steps? Schedule out the dates/times.

- Pray and/or meditate on the issue. Imagine that things will be resolved. Everything is working out this way for a reason.

- The secret weapon to life's challenges is faith. Faith in God, faith in the universe etc. Have faith that you don't know everything, things may work out even better or as they should.

- Live in the now. Do not feel emotions from the past or project into the future. Life is right now. Happiness can be achieved right now. Life is meant to be lived you are not meant to be a perfect person or live life perfectly. Life is action in the now. 

- This is a new one for me, but instead of focusing just on being happy thinking I want an interesting life. I want to be an interesting person. Even though something may be stressful in the short term I want to think back on my day and feel "Wow that was interesting, I'm glad I did that!"

Books I'm Reading Now

Want some great pandemic reading material? Here are some books I've been reading over the past couple months. 1) The Obstacle Is the Way Book by Ryan Holiday2) Ego Is the Enemy Book by Ryan Holiday3) The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Book by Eckhart Tolle(Really Anything By Eckhart Tolle Is Good)Just remember life is really tough [...]

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Society is Fragile

As we weather this pandemic a couple thoughts come to mind. 1) Society is fragileMy entire life I've always thought why does life have to be so difficult? Seeing the world go through this pandemic proves to me the fragility of life and society. Life seems hard because it is hard. The part of life [...]

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How I Stay Sane During Coronavirus Quarantine

With businesses closed, social distancing, you're not left with much to do other than walking and talking with your friends and family on the phone or visiting social media. These are some of my tips on how I'm staying sane during the Coronavirus Quarantine. Routine:- Keep your routineThis includes waking up at normal time, making a healthly breakfast, [...]

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Thoughts About The Coronavirus

If you are an anxious person like me you are constantly scanning the environment for new things to worry about. Introducing the Coronavirus! It's the perfect thing to start worrying about. Should I travel? Is the stock market going to collapse? Should I start stocking up on food? Will my family be OK? There are [...]

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I Feel Stuck

Just want to let me readers know about something I've been going through lately with this site. May be you can relate to this. Have you ever felt stuck? Have you ever felt like you've tried everything and nothing has worked? That's the way I feel with this site. Yes, there has been some sales, [...]

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What To Do When Things Still Aren't Working Out

OK, so you've done everything. Life doesn't seem to be changing. You are losing motivation. What to do now? I think this is why things fall apart as far as motivation goes. Lets say you make a change around the New Year and then your life doesn't magically get better, may be it even gets [...]

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What To Do As An Anxious Person When Life Gets Tough

I've got a secret to tell you? Life is tough. Life will throw you as many hoops as you are willing to jump through. As an anxious person there is always something on the horizon to fear. Let me tell you something, this will not end. Being alive is partially about dealing with issues that [...]

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Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod Takeaways

This is going to be very brief. I just picked up a book called Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I'm a huge fan of condensed thought, it's barely over 100 pages. Here's some takeaways I'm getting so far reading this book:Transform Your Morning- Silence (Pray, meditate, and focus on breath for about 10 minutes)- Read [...]

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Top 3 Things That Have Helped Me With Anxiety

Here are the top 3 things that have helped with anxiety in my life.1) ExerciseIf I don't exercise my anxiety levels go up. 100% of the time when I exercise I feel better. I used to just lift weights, but noticed cardio group classes were on a different level.Best classes: Fitness boxing, yoga classes, Cross [...]

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