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Happy Saturday!


Happy Saturday Everyone! Just want to wish everyone a happy Saturday. 

Hoping things are going well for you and you world is full of love and happiness. 

I was thinking about "consensus" for past couple days. What does it mean? Dictionary definition is "a general agreement." When going about your life think about how you arrived at your conclusions/consensus.

Forming consensus I think a lot of times we have a thought about something and then ask others for their opinion (Family, friends, etc.) then we check with social media, search, news, books, magazines, etc. and then we finally solidify our opinion on something.

Before coming to your conclusion ask yourself do the sources I refer to have my best interest in mind? Are these sources of information independent from one another? Do other people recognize these sources of info as credible? Try not to be too rigid and be open to new ideas, don't ego attach to every idea that comes into your consciousness. 

I think more than ever it's important in one's intellectual pursuits to attempt to form accurate representations of reality in one's own head to help navigate the world successfully.

Have We All Become Avatars?

This blog post is going to be a short one. It's mostly an observation of a phenomenon that may get more coverage in the future. A new phenomenon started becoming clear after the following examples in my life:- Trying to get a hold of friends and getting no response- Trying to get friends to commit to a time [...]

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The Universe Shit Storm

Are you in a universe shit storm? Currently I'm in a period that it seems everything I do is being taken down by unseen forces. Life lately has been Entropy in action for me. "Lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder." It's actually pretty comical actually, but at the same time demoralizing. I mean if outcomes [...]

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Why Is Self Help Advice So Generic?

I've been interested in the self help space for about 20 years. One thing I've noticed is after watching enough speeches, Podcasts, blogs, videos, conferences it all begins to blend together and sound hopelessly generic.I was on a self-help/business development Zoom meeting a couple days ago and the group was sharing their morning routines. The [...]

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Aligning With What You Want Before Cultural Conditioning

Have you turned on the news lately? Based on what I'm seeing and what I've seen throughout my life media wise we are being conditioned to constantly live in a heightened state of anxiety/fear/negativity. It's not a message of hope, expansiveness, logic, control, and action to fix whatever it is. It's not a message of OK here's [...]

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I recently found out that an ex gf of mine passed away suddenly this past Friday, June 25th. When people pass away, I guess there is no right thing to feel, this one is actually hitting me pretty hard. I'm just writing this post to say how much of an amazing person she was, how [...]

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When Things Are Not Going Your Way And You're Under Tons Of Stress

What do you do when things aren't going your way and you're under tons of stress? Here's my action plan.- First determine what it bothering you? Get out pen and paper and write down each problem.- Next, determine action steps to help solve each problem. I think action can be hard because sometimes the solution [...]

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Books I'm Reading Now

Want some great pandemic reading material? Here are some books I've been reading over the past couple months. 1) The Obstacle Is the Way Book by Ryan Holiday2) Ego Is the Enemy Book by Ryan Holiday3) The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Book by Eckhart Tolle(Really Anything By Eckhart Tolle Is Good)Just remember life is really tough [...]

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Society is Fragile

As we weather this pandemic a couple thoughts come to mind. 1) Society is fragileMy entire life I've always thought why does life have to be so difficult? Seeing the world go through this pandemic proves to me the fragility of life and society. Life seems hard because it is hard. The part of life [...]

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How I Stay Sane During Coronavirus Quarantine

With businesses closed, social distancing, you're not left with much to do other than walking and talking with your friends and family on the phone or visiting social media. These are some of my tips on how I'm staying sane during the Coronavirus Quarantine. Routine:- Keep your routineThis includes waking up at normal time, making a healthly breakfast, [...]

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