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30 Day Challenge Challenge


For 2018 I decided instead of making a couple 2018 resolutions why not make 30 day challenges everyone month. For January 2018's challenge I decided to #1 Watch and listen to zero news #2 End negative self talk and #3 Ingest not a drop of alcohol. 

- So far I've noticed a increase in positive mood. Feel a bit disconnected by not watching the news, but feel like I'm almost on vacation. Not ingesting news prevents the brain being hijacked by negative news stories, feels great that your day's agenda isn't interrupted by negative news.

- Not participating in negative self talk has also increased positive mood. Feel a feeling of freedom.

- By not drinking alcohol for example 2-3 beers at a concert over the weekend I have tons more energy and clarity. I notice that just a beer or two kills my energy the next day. Mood also boosted by this.

Tell me what you think? Any suggestions? I will update you on more challenges throughout the year.