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What is true?


Lately I've been thinking about the idea of truth. What is true exactly? With AI, ChatGPT, MidJourney are we at an even greater deficit to decipher what is true? Yes, there are fact checkers, but can you trust the fact checkers? Twitter has Community Notes, that seems one of the most reasonable ways to fact check information that I've found so far. Are there personal interests below the facts, corporate interests, political interests? Something simply being true doesn't mean it's worth sharing for example in popular media, just parroting news stories isn't seeking truth either. 

What I've been thinking lately is no matter what information you discover and deem as true over the long term you should be able to see the desired results in your own life. If something you believe as true is not delivering it's promised results over the course of time this may be an indication that it's not as true as you once thought. Think a partner (Judging actions not words), business idea, investments, information, etc. 

Be careful. If we take action on info/ideas that aren't true we can waste our time, spin our wheels. Whatever framework you believe that orients your life at the present moment reflect and make sure it's actually close to true and truly delivering the results you desire.

If not... course correct... ASAP