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Change Your Story Day #1


If I had to describe day one of the Landmark Forum I'd say it's a lot of people sharing intense, sad events from the past and instructor saying one should change the story about those events. Basically if I say I ate chocolate cake daily for a year and become fat because I'm lazy and will never eat right and exercise. The event is you ate chocolate cake for a year and became fat, the story is you're lazy and will never eat right and exercise. Day one is recognizing this and begin to change the story. There's more, but that's the main point of the day I'd say. Pretty basic stuff, but I feel if you don't think about these things daily this might cause one to have a "breakthrough." Little concerned about the lesson that one's "chatter mind" or "monkey mind" is the same as the critical mind. We were taught today to turn this off to be more "present" and listen. I definitely think there's a difference between the chatter mind and critical thinking mind. Definitely think there could be a profit motive to teaching this type of lesson, definitely more open to manipulation/future courses. For example you're not doing course X? Oh! There's the chatter mind telling making judgments again. Not sure of the value of the program yet other than catharsis. Even the catharsis got tiring today. To call Landmark intense would be an understatement, at least for day #1. Keep reading for day #2.