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Day #3 Landmark Forum Final Thoughts


So Landmark came to an end today expect for the graduation on Tuesday which I don't plan on going to. Already been to three of my friend's graduations anyway. I couldn't take it today I walked out at the first break. We spent the first three hours from 9 - 12 Noon on how to sell Landmark to other people. I'm sorry I don't have that kind of time and I don't want to be a Landmark advertising and referral drone. Turned me off completely and I had to get out. So glad I did! Never doing a Landmark course again, definitely wasn't for me. If Landmark isn't a cult it's definitely doing a good job acting like one. Landmark is like a Virtual Reality cult experience, may not be actually a cult but you get to experience what one is like. Here's my final thoughts.

Who's Landmark for? 

Definitely not everyone. I think to many people this program will do way more damage than repair. From my perspective it's for people who need to pull their heads up out of their asses, get a kick and the butt, and start repairing the broken relationships in their life. Also, people who want to turn the mirror on themselves and say things like, "Wow I've been such an asshole and I take ownership for that" for example. I do not think you need this program to repair these relationships though or the basic information you are provided at the forum. If you can put yourself in other people's shoes you don't need Landmark. If you are a sociopath or a narcissist Landmark might be for you.

Are they bad people?

No, I don't think the people at Landmark are bad people. Just like I'm sure there are many good people in actual cults. The question is do you want to follow their teachings and yes they do have teachings. That's the critical choice Forum goers have to make. Also, realize the Forum leader didn't actually say all that much. He kicked your ass basically to get you to do the things you needed to do in life. Flip side is I'm sure a lot of damage was inflicted as well. Also, you are preying off people's vulnerabilities for profit in a way that's not like a counselor, feels semi unethical by psychology standards. 

Anything positive come out of this?

Yes, I sent two letters to people from the past I have damaged relationships with. No responses yet, but feel like I am making progress. I don't want to die without saying some of the things I said. Just want to move on with my life and they do the same. 


I will not be back to Landmark and I'm still not sure how or why my friend's were sucked into this program. I was skeptical and feel even more skeptical about the benefits of the Landmark forum after attending. The motivation to write the two letters I sent may have been worth the $600 price of admission, but still not sure completely. You obviously don't need Landmark to fix broken relationships.