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Doing Landmark Forum This Weekend


Doing the Landmark Forum this weekend and I have no idea what to expect. I've been reading a lot of information about the Forum online and it's pretty mixed from avoid at all costs to very positive. I'd like to write about my experience because I feel there are very few balanced reviews of the Forum. Also, no one seems to be able to explain what the Forum actually is even if they attend the class! It's very frustrating. I want to help break down what one actually does at the forum. I will say I've already been invited to 3 "graduation" meetings from friends who did the Forum. The hard sell was put on me full force from friends and Forum staff members. I finally broke down and decided to go. When you think about it it's not the most expensive education you will ever receive. It's similar the cost of a Community College class expect it's condensed into a weekend time frame. I absolutely hate sharing in a group setting, I don't mind one on one, but in a group setting I don't like it. I know the Forum involves a lot of group sharing so I hope I'm not immediately an outcast. Also, I'm not one of those people that will a little pep talk I'll begin sharing, I simply won't. Period. It will be interesting to see if the Forum causes me to start sharing in a group format. That alone would be a breakthrough. More updates coming soon!