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I Feel Stuck


Just want to let me readers know about something I've been going through lately with this site. May be you can relate to this. Have you ever felt stuck? Have you ever felt like you've tried everything and nothing has worked? That's the way I feel with this site. Yes, there has been some sales, but building a site online doesn't mean you'll actually get sales on a regular basis. I feel like the internet naturally favors scale, massive sites, but not boutique sites like this one. This site is from the heart. I want people suffering from anxiety to turn to this site for some support. I don't want to scale this up to a Amazon level of products. Not everything is a commodity. So what to do? I'm not exactly sure, except that I believe in the concept. Hopefully some people will find the site and find value in it. My dream would be to run this site full time actually. Anyway, just some frustrated thoughts today. The Internet is a fickle, unapologetic, thing.