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I recently found out that an ex gf of mine passed away suddenly this past Friday, June 25th. When people pass away, I guess there is no right thing to feel, this one is actually hitting me pretty hard. I'm just writing this post to say how much of an amazing person she was, how much respect and love I had for her. She didn't realize it then, but until that point before meeting her I thought life was one way, she opened by eyes to a whole new level of existence I didn't know before. The feelings I felt for her and the moments we shared were to a level of being supernatural. If that makes any sense. She changed the trajectory of my life. She may not know it, things didn't work out of course, I didn't end up marrying her. Life can be tragic, but there is also a beauty in this tragedy if we look for it. She may not know the extent of her impact on my life, but I'm writing this post to pay my respects to such a fucking awesome person. It's not just me who recognized this it's all her friends, family, and everyone else who were lucky enough to come into contact with her. You will be missed, I will never forget you. RIP.