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Society is Fragile


As we weather this pandemic a couple thoughts come to mind.

1) Society is fragile

My entire life I've always thought why does life have to be so difficult? Seeing the world go through this pandemic proves to me the fragility of life and society. Life seems hard because it is hard. The part of life that seems stagnant and stable is actually a facade. Underneath the facade is lots and lots of effort you never see. Underneath the "Insta Lifestyle" there are a million things that have to go right in the background. Don't take it for granite.

2) Don’t beat yourself up

My second though is don’t beat yourself up you’re doing pretty well. As an anxious person I think of worst case scenarios and I’d have to say a global pandemic lock down with possible economic collapse is worst case. You know what though? We are still here, still living, still going through life trying to live it.