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The Universe Shit Storm


Are you in a universe shit storm? Currently I'm in a period that it seems everything I do is being taken down by unseen forces. Life lately has been Entropy in action for me. "Lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder." It's actually pretty comical actually, but at the same time demoralizing. I mean if outcomes are 50/50 how can things consistently go wrong forever? If I can go through a timeframe of things going wrong it means I will experience a time where things go almost 100% right? I'm hoping... 

I was thinking today how to frame what I'm experiencing right now. 

I think one of the best ways first of all is not to look at yourself like a victim, but instead a warrior. Tough times don't create weakness they create strength. Use adversity not to take a defensive stance in life, but to become offenses in your approach. Offense I believe is the only way to truly feel secure. Defensive thinking especially in the midst of a universe shit storm will shrink your world smaller and smaller and smaller. That's not what you want. Life is hard, but keep going and build the resilience that's built into this process of creating a diamond. I believe in the shit storm of life don't lower your "energy" you don't have to lower yourself into the crap that's confronting you. Separate "You/higher self" from whatever stressors/darkness you are facing. One more point, the more shit rains down on you the more I think focusing on others helps, volunteering, donating, doing nice things, etc. I think countering the shit storm is cathartic, a positive act of defiance.

The universe shit storm is sending you signs. Thank the universe for the opportunity to make you strong, courageous, and a better version of yourself. Make a pact with yourself that you will push forward until you can't any further, that in itself is the definition of winning. The definition of a warrior a champion. Move more into offense to make changes and get better so what you are currently facing in the future will be easy to deal with. More and more you'll be able to deal with things on a multi dimensional level, not just linear. The current shit storm will make future shit storms feel like nothing.