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Thoughts On Highs And Lows


It's amazing how fast I go from feeling OK to feeling alone. Work today, was productive, went to yoga class, but I come home feeling down. It always amazes me how good I feel sometimes, then just a day or two later it becomes the opposite. Wish I had someone special in my life, I don't have anyone and when the weather changes to fall this doesn't make me ecstatic. Need to get the courage to ask out that special person in my life. She's an amazing person, being anxious in general doesn't help the asking out process. So I guess I'll get hippie–dippie tonight and ask for a miracle, that this winter will be different. That if it's meant to be it will be. Not that I'm alone at all, just been missing true romantic connection with someone for a while. To love and to be loved as cliche as that sounds, that's all I'm asking for.