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What To Do As An Anxious Person When Life Gets Tough


I've got a secret to tell you? Life is tough. Life will throw you as many hoops as you are willing to jump through. As an anxious person there is always something on the horizon to fear. Let me tell you something, this will not end. Being alive is partially about dealing with issues that come up. It's like Eckhart Tolle teaches most people live in the past or in the future. The goal is to live in the present moment. As anxious people we tend to live in the future constantly scanning for new threats.

It's time you trust yourself, it's time to believe in the good instead of the bad, it's time to once and for all trust in the universe. Trust that the universe (God, consciousness, whatever) has your back. It's time you believe in yourself, it's time to trust that you'll figure things out, it's time to trust that when one door closes another one opens, it's time to trust in people, it's time to look for the beauty in life, it's time to believe love is the strongest force in the world not fear/hate, it's time to be grateful for what life has given you.

Things will change, life will get tough, but instead of the fear handicapping you believe you will get through this and things are always working out for the best. Continue living your life, doing and feeling what makes you happy, continuing to dream of a better future. The greatest threat to the anxious mind is letting it suck every single joy out of this miraculous life. 

Go out there and live your life, dare to be great, dare to be happy and free of anxiety once and for all. You are greater than what your mind limits you to think.