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What To Do When Things Still Aren't Working Out


OK, so you've done everything. Life doesn't seem to be changing. You are losing motivation. What to do now? I think this is why things fall apart as far as motivation goes. Lets say you make a change around the New Year and then your life doesn't magically get better, may be it even gets worse, or may be nothing changes at all.

I will tell you what to do! 

Make a plan and stick with it. Live your values daily, always, even when no one is looking. You'll know if the "plan" or values you are living by are making a difference in how you feel internally. 

The only thing you can control is your actions and inner universe. You have to trust that the plan you put into action will get you to the right place. There are never any guarantees, that's life.

Here are the steps to change even when things don't appear better:

- Don't lose hope!

- Find mentors and motivation.

- Talk to friends and loved ones.

- Make a plan, write it down and stick with it. Follow your intuition. Follow the clues. What makes you happy? What has made you happy in the past? Where can I find this happiness? 

- Adjust the plan if internally it doesn't feel right. Remember changing your life is like steering a cruise ship, the course correction doesn't happen instantly.

- Plan for the future. What are you goals, dreams, etc. The future isn't something to fear, make it hopeful and bright.

- Daily action. Take daily action to getting to where you want to go.

- Ask. Ask for help, ask for what you need. Be clear in your language and people will accommodate you.

- Keep learning. Keep seeking answers in books, Podcasts, conferences, people, etc.

- Avoid toxic people or toxic view points. In order for you to get what you want you need to avoid the people or view points that sabotage your motivation. This is about change, in this case you need to find only the people and view points that are going to lift you up.

- Trust in the universe. Trust in yourself and the plan will work. Things will change and get better.